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Newsletter Applied Gerontology - november 2015

International recognition for Applied Gerontology programme
Windesheim’s Applied Gerontology degree programme has been recognized by the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) as a ‘Program of Merit’. This makes the programme the first outside the US to receive this ‘stamp of approval’.
“The Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Program of Merit (POM) Review Team voted unanimously to support Windesheim University’s Bachelor of Science in Applied Gerontology for POM designation. The programme has met, and in some areas exceeded, the Program of Merit expectations for a Bachelor of Science degree programme.  Therefore, Windesheim University’s Applied Gerontology Bachelor of Science Programme will be awarded the AGHE Program of Merit designation”, says Angela Baker, Director of AGHE.

Programme Director, dr. Jan S. Jukema was elated: “This means recognition of our Applied Gerontology programme as an example to other gerontology programmes. We’re very proud to have achieved this status in a relatively short period of time. We can look to the future with confidence, since we’ve built a solid foundation that enables us to continue building.”

At the AGHE Conference next spring an official moment will be scheduled when programme representatives will be presented with the quality seal.
2014 Annual Report
In our 2014 annual report we look back on a successful year. We are pleased to show you what we do and what we have accomplished!
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US ageing expert reinforces Applied Gerontology programme
The Netherlands is ageing. Sooner or later this ageing process will be felt in all layers of our society and all sectors of our economy. How can we prepare our professionals and labour market in anticipation of this trend?
Professor Dr. JoAnn Damron-Rodriguez has been working at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences as a Fulbright Specialist since 1 October and has a strong opinion about this.

Picture:  Professor Dr. Albert Cornelissen, President of the Executive Board, officially welcomes JoAnn Damron to Windesheim.
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Social entrepreneurship appeals to Applied Gerontology students seeks to inspire older persons, carers and aid workers and help them to continue living independently for as long as possible at maximum self-sufficiency. Mark Smelik, a third-year student of Applied Gerontology, is one of the initiators: “Being a self-sufficient entrepreneur, I love it when I can help other people.”
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LivingLab: Applied Gerontology focuses on older persons in Assendorp
What’s it like for me as an older person to live in the Assendorp quarter? What facilities are there for me? What do I want, what can I do and what would I like to be able to do in this residential quarter? These are questions that could come from older people living in Zwolle’s Assendorp quarter. To investigate what questions the older persons in this quarter really do have, our 2nd-year students will be focusing on the Assendorp quarter and its residents the entire academic year. And this project is called LivingLab..
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Exchange students: Good first impressions
At the start of the new academic year the Applied Gerontology programme welcomed four international students: Sirpa Hallo-Aho and Veli-Pekka Luukonen from Finland, Yusuf Cem Yerly from Turkey and Patrícia Oliveira Silva from Portugal. All four have been here for a few weeks now and are starting to feel right at home. Yusuf: I’ve already been one month here, but it feels like months. Time flies! Everybody is so nice and friendly.” Sirpa agrees with him: “Zwolle is beautiful and people are very friendly here!”
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Zwolle National Older Persons Day organized by Applied Gerontology students
The Zwolle National Older Persons Day is an annual event in the Netherlands on the first Friday in October, where individual wishes of older people are fulfilled. Until recently Zwolle had no local committee, but students of the Applied Gerontology programme changed that.

The good work done by the students did not go unnoticed: daily newspaper De Stentor as well as regional TV station RTV-Oost were present at the start of Mr Holterman’s sidecar ride. RTV-Oost even shot some footage during the ride.
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'Critical friends' positive about degree programme
It’s very important for the degree programme content to correspond to questions from the professional field. Also, we aspire to be a TOP degree programme. This is why we have asked Think Tank 60+ North and AGE Platform Europe for their feedback on our degree programme as critical friends.
Representatives of Think Tank 60+ North, a group of older adults who wishes to strengthen older people’s participation, were especially positive in their feedback on the way elderly people are intensively involved in the programme in many different ways. For example, they are asked for their input and ideas on the new degree programme and to assist in skills training. We have also made some new plans, one of which aims to have an elderly person playing an active role in each module.

The European organization Age Platform Europe , a European network of more than 150 organisations of and for people aged 50+, also speaks highly positively about our degree programme. They especially appreciated its coherence and completeness. Another feature they considered exemplary for other programmes is the central position taken up by the elderly in our programme. Their recommendations for the future are to focus more on mobility of the elderly and the big differences between groups of elderly people in the EU.
Lowlanders queuing to try on the older people suit
During the Lowlands Festival, Radboud researcher and TG lecturer Franka Bakker helped many visitors try on the elderly suit. “They were actually queuing up for it!”
In the older people suit they can feel the physical limitations of old age, like stiffness of the joints, shaking hands and limited vision. The researchers hope to give Lowlands visitors a better understanding of the difficulties older people often face in their daily lives and to investigate how they feel about ageing.
Incidentally, it wasn’t just festival-goers who were queuing up here; several media also covered this activity. For example, radio deejay Chiel Beelen presented his morning programme on national radio dressed in an older people suit.
Strong presence at national gerontology conference
Lecturers as well as students delivered presentations at the annual conference of the Dutch Association for Gerontology.
Under the inspiring supervision of lecturer Franka Bakker, three recently graduated students presented their Bachelor’s theses: Johanneke van de Bijl, Nicoline Wolthuis and Dinanda Maathuis. The lecturers Jan Jukema and Annelies Harps-Timmerman presented the results of their project to create a new competence profile. Finally, lecturer-researcher Annemieke van den Berg presented a poster of her research on conflicting professional values in team collaboration. All in all, it was a highly fruitful conference with a strong presence of our degree programme.
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